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Divya Shivaprasad

With over 13 years of experience as a technical acquisition partner, Divya is a seasoned leader who has hired top-level technical talent for some of the world's most innovative companies. Her passion lies in building, accelerating, and reimagining talent practices that enable teams to hire, grow, and develop employees. Divya excels in fostering motivation, developing team alignment with the company's values and mission, and delivering results.


During her career, Divya has worked in talent advisory roles and directly managed talent recruiting teams while building and executing end-to-end hiring practices at companies like Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Airbnb. She has partnered with executive leaders to forecast business needs, prioritize hiring goals, build scalable processes, and attract top talent. Divya has a proven track record of identifying and hiring the best candidates, building high-performing teams, driving business results, and coaching talent and hiring leaders.


Culture: Divya understands that fostering a strong company culture while hiring at scale requires a deliberate focus on screening for alignment with cultural values throughout the hiring process. It's not only about hiring, but it's also about regularly evaluating every step of the company's operations to ensure that the company's cultural values are upheld. Having worked at global brands with strong core values driving how individuals operate, Divya operates with values-driven mechanisms tailored to your company's cultural values.


Diversity: As a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring, Divya is dedicated to building diverse teams at every step of the recruiting process. She believes that diversity hiring not only leads to a more innovative, inclusive, and successful organization, but it also serves customers of all backgrounds and identities, and creates an enhanced sense of belonging among employees, partners, and customers.


Scale: Divya has a proven track record of building successful teams at scale for large organizations, as well as building key start-up teams for special project initiatives that are now used by millions of users worldwide. She understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with both types of hiring environments and has the expertise to execute strategies that enable teams to stay agile and deliver the right results.


Whether it's navigating the complexities of a large organization or breaking down the bare necessities for a start-up team, Divya has the experience and skillset to drive successful outcomes. Her ability to identify top talent, build high-performing teams, and foster a strong company culture has resulted in significant impact across various industries and hiring environments.

Our Team.

We partner with experts in the industry to help bring in the expertise needed for any stage of hiring you are seeking. We are actively expanding our network of professionals to partner with to build best-in-class Talent Acquisition Practices for you end-to-end. 

Kasey Harboe Guentert Ph.D. 

Our Partner with 22 years of experience leading industry assessment, insights, and program evaluations. Having worked at companies like Meta, Airbnb, Korn Ferry, ACT, and many more, she specializes in analytics and data visualizations to drive insight and change in DEI, hiring practices, candidate engagement, and interview performance. With a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Kasey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to measure and manage interview performance by developing and conducting models to measure conversions, identify skill gaps and provides feedback and recommendations. She recognizes the value of candidate, interviewer and recruiter's experience through hiring cycles and applies proven metrics and measurements to guide hiring strategies. 

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