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Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Services

We offer a full suite of talent acquisition services, encompassing End-to-End Recruiting, Executive Hiring, Strategic Sourcing, and Hiring. Our experienced team expertly manages every stage of the recruitment process, from understanding your talent needs and hiring goals to sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding strong candidates. We specialize in comprehensive hiring manager training and executive coaching, ensuring your team is equipped with the best practices in candidate assessment and that your organization attracts the leaders it needs to thrive.

Our approach is data-driven and tailored, focused on aligning with your organization's culture and objectives. We also provide personalized coaching to foster self-awareness and professional growth, supporting individuals in reaching their full potential. Our commitment is to build a high-functioning, well-integrated workforce that resonates with your company's values and goals.

Curated Talent Engagement Workshops

Our unique workshops are tailored to align with your organizational, people, and strategic development goals. We offer customizable one-day or two-day sessions designed to integrate with your quarterly employee engagement events, offsite, or annual work events. 


Embark on a Journey of Discovery and Growth, our workshops uniquely combine education, entertainment, and hands-on learning. Here’s what we offer:

Guest Lectures: Interact with leading thought leaders and industry experts. Their tailored insights will inspire and directly address your team's unique challenges.
LEGO® Serious Play® Challenges:
Dive into the world of creativity and collaborative problem-solving with LEGO bricks. These challenges are designed to uncover hidden talents and strengthen team bonds in a playful and engaging way.


I partnered with Divya at Netflix, first as a senior individual contributor and then as a Data Science manager. Throughout our partnership, I was consistently impressed by Divya’s ability to not only successfully lead highly ambiguous efforts, but to do so in a way that empowered those around her to contribute their strengths.


In leading our centralized hiring effort, Divya partnered with hiring managers and a broad group of ICs to shepherd a new end-to-end process, improving our ability to hire efficiently while maintaining a high and equitable bar. In doing so, Divya not only ensured that the diverse needs of our teams were met, but also went above and beyond to coach individual interviewers to ensure a great candidate experience. Divya’s unique combination of thought leadership, innovative vision, and active listening made her a tremendous asset to Netflix, and working with her helped me to grow personally as a leader.

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