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End-to-End Recruiting

We can take care of the entire recruiting process, from assessing your talent needs, understanding your hiring goals, building talent attraction strategies, sourcing, interviewing, and hiring strong candidates. Our small and mighty team of experts has experience hiring world-class talent for global brands and values a high hiring bar. We will work closely with leaders hand-in-hand and build relevant practices and trainings to equip you with tools that last and grows. 

Strategic Sourcing/Hiring Services

We can help you develop and implement effective sourcing, attraction, and hiring strategies that align with your organization's goals and culture. Our approach is data-driven and tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you attract and retain top talent in a competitive market.

Interview Process Setup and Calibration

We can assist in creating an interview process that is structured, consistent, and effective in identifying the right candidates for your organization. Our team can also provide calibration sessions to ensure that your hiring managers are aligned on the evaluation criteria and making objective hiring decisions.

Hiring Manager Training and Onboarding

We offer customized training programs for hiring managers to improve their skills and knowledge in talent acquisition. Our training covers best practices in candidate assessment, interview techniques, and compliance with legal and ethical hiring standards. We can also assist in onboarding new hires to ensure a smooth transition into their roles.

Executive Hiring

We understand that finding and hiring the right executive is crucial to the success of any organization. Our executive search process is thorough and rigorous, ensuring that we identify and attract the best candidates for your specific needs. We work closely with you to understand your business goals, culture, and requirements, and use our extensive network and expertise to find executives who have the skills, experience, and fit to drive your organization forward.


A great career starts with reflecting, self-awareness and reaching forward. We offer one-on-one coaching to support your development and help you find the fire within you. Harnessing the power of Humankind was born with the goal to help individuals be their best selves and build a community with good purpose.  If you are ready to look within, let's chat. 


I partnered with Divya at Netflix, first as a senior individual contributor and then as a Data Science manager. Throughout our partnership, I was consistently impressed by Divya’s ability to not only successfully lead highly ambiguous efforts, but to do so in a way that empowered those around her to contribute their strengths.


In leading our centralized hiring effort, Divya partnered with hiring managers and a broad group of ICs to shepherd a new end-to-end process, improving our ability to hire efficiently while maintaining a high and equitable bar. In doing so, Divya not only ensured that the diverse needs of our teams were met, but also went above and beyond to coach individual interviewers to ensure a great candidate experience. Divya’s unique combination of thought leadership, innovative vision, and active listening made her a tremendous asset to Netflix, and working with her helped me to grow personally as a leader.

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